Episode 6: The 5th Wave, Goosebumps, Super Bowl Commercials, and We Declare Theater Law



We dive into a movie that just hit theaters (The 5th Wave), and one that just hit retail (Goosbumps). We tell you which is worth your time/money and why. Josh also shows us all the way to not suck at our local theaters and how theaters should just GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. Post-Super Bowl discussions are also plentiful this week, as we discuss the commercials and trailers that dropped during the game. Also, there is a slim chance that Jordan does a Christopher Walken impression. Enjoy

Our theme song is “Thing of Gold” by Snarky Puppy

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Ant Man & Hulk Commercial

“Brotherly Love” Coke Commercial

Puppy Monkey Baby

Parks and Rec “Network Connectivity Problems”

Chloe Moretz is Hot

The 5th Wave Trailer

Hugo Trailer

Jason Borne Trailer

Jungle Book Trailer

Christopher Walken’s Voice

Civil War Trailer