Episode 15: Creed, The Original Jungle Book, And We Drink Inspiration From A Mason Jar


Today we talk about the phenominal action film Creed, which continues the tale of the infamous Rocky Balboa. We also look back to the original Jungle Book from 1967, and look forward Disney’s new Live Action interpretation of the story. We also talk about taking action and eating pickles from mason jars. Things got weird. Enjoy!

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Our theme song is “Thing Of Gold” By Snarky Puppy.


Mentioned In Todays Episode

Mason Jars

Amazing video with Jim Carrey

“Creed” Rotten Tomatoes

Rocky climbs stairs

Michael B Jordan

Jungle Book (1967)

Xerography(Technique used to animate the original Jungle Book)

“The Bare Necessities”

“I Wanna Be Like You” By Christopher Walker

Ben Kingsley

Ben Afleck’s Batman Movie

New Suicide Squad Trailer

Dr. Strange Trailer

Russo Brothers