Some opinions are better expressed in written format.

We’re heading into our 90th episode next week, and as always, we’ll talk about something in the movie-sphere that we find interesting and relevant (in this case, we’ll step away from movies and discuss the Netflix series “The Defenders”). And if you’ve ever listened to our episodes, we typically get long winded. We don’t keep it simple at the Stale Popcorn Podcast. If something is easy and needs to be made convoluted, we’re your podcast!

With that out of the way, I feel there is an opportunity here to dive into more content, because sometimes what we want to express simply doesn’t fit into the flow of our weekly show and is better served for another arena.

Therefore, it is my goal to bring written content to the site. We typically have a rough outline of topics we want to tackle on the show, but we try to keep it as consistently comparable as we can; you probably won’t hear us talking about the latest Disney movie and then also talking about the goriest film we’ve ever seen in the same episode, because they don’t fit together. And since some topics don’t stretch into 30 minute podcasts, we leave them on the cutting room floor. There is no telling how many topics we have abandoned because they just didn’t mesh with what we’re trying to do on our weekly podcast.

There are a few topics I want to take a run at soon, so get ready for some Stale Popcorn reading very soon. In the meantime, we just posted our 89th episode for your listening pleasure. On that episode, we discuss the Big 4 in the Netflix Marvel Series, and in typical SPP fashion, we go off on some tangents and find some way to re-align with our main topic. So, give that a listen, and as always, let us know what you think by connecting with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

See you soon!

– Josh