We realize that not everyone gets out to the theater like we do, and we know that our podcast is just not accessible for everyone. To help bridge that gap, over the next few months, we’re going to focus on reviewing and discussing older movies. Our goal has always been to appeal to the widest group we can, and in simply reviewing the latest movies in the film industry, not everyone wants to listen, and I totally get that. If there’s something happening in the world and I don’t know anything about it, I’m less likely to engage in the associated content. It makes sense, and we want to use common sense on the podcast.

August feels like the perfect time to take a break from reviewing the latest film releases; it’s kind of a slow month, and September doesn’t seem to be all that impressive either. And our schedules are getting busier (hello, new school year)! So we’re going old school on the podcast, talking about classic films that we love, and allow ourselves the chance to finally watch ones that we’ve never sat down to enjoy.

Next week we’ll be seeing, “The Meg,” a monster movie that my co-host has little to no interest in watching. So in that same arena, we felt it would be a great time to start our Old School series, and we’ll be watching and discussing the all-time classic, Steven Speilberg’s “JAWS.” YES!

We hope that you enjoy this new chapter on the podcast. Other than a few movies sprinkled here and there, we’ve never really been focused on the older stuff. What my goal for this is two-fold: to allow ourselves to not feel terrible if we can’t get out to the theater that week, and to make our content more friendly–most people will have seen these movies that we’ll be checking out.

Thanks for being a listener/reader to the podcast, and we look forward to the next few months!