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Episode 12: Movie News, Paul McCartney, Youtube Red, And We Bid Farewell To Ed Truck

ed truck

Today we talk about all the current movie news happening in cinema and look ahead to the movies that are set to be released soon. We reflect on the passing Ken Howard, known to Office fans as Ed Truck. We also talk about the new Youtube Red subscription service and a The Lego Batman and War Dogs Trailers. Also Josh’s fridge makes a guest appearance and just hums and hums and hums etc.

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Mentioned In Todays Episode

Batman V Superman Rotten Tomatoes

Book Of Eli

Kazaam Rap

“Jungle Book: Into to Shere Khan” Clip

God’s Not Dead 2 Trailer

God’s Not Dead Rotten Tomatoes

Faith Like Potatoes

Jake Gyllenhaal On His Lord Of The Rings Audition

Barber Shop: The Next Cut w/ Anthony Davis

The Office. Ed Truck Was Decapitated

Paul McCartney Joins the Cast Of Pirates of The Caribbean

Jonny Depp IMDB

Youtube Red

Titansgrave by Will Wheaton

The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies trailer

The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer

War Dogs Trailer






Episode 11: 10 Cloverfield Lane, March Madness, And We Assess Hometown Dining


Today we talk about 10 Cloverfield Lane and how amazing the great John Goodman is. We discuss March Madness and how we like to enjoy live sports on television and who we like to enjoy them with. We also talk about a few of the local places from our hometown and share some of the our weirdest memories. Enjoy.

Our theme song is “Thing of Gold” by Snarky Puppy

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Mentioned In Todays Episode

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken

Pizza Puff

Dixie Pan

Hamburger Steak

Lees Famous Chicken

Jordan Eats A Whole Dominos Pizza

Wheat Grass Juice Bar

Kentucky Looses The Tourney 

AMC Theaters

10 Cloverfield Lane IMDB

Hardcore Henry Trailer 

Huntsman Winter’s War Trailer

X Men Apocalypse Trailer

Star Trek: Beyond Trailer

Allegiant Trailer


Episode 10: Daredevil, Last Man On Earth, And We Perkisize With Tony Perkis In Heavyweights

devil log

Today we talk about the new Marvel Civil War trailer featuring the legendary Spiderman! We also reminisce season 1 of Daredevil and Last Man On Earth, and look forward to their second seasons. We tell the world that rebooting is better than remaking, and last but not least, we look at one of the most under rated disney films ever, Heavyweights. Enjoy.

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Our theme song is “Thing Of Gold” by Snarky Puppy


Mentioned In Todays Episode 

1st (rough) Episode of the Stale Popcorn Podcast

New Civil War Trailer

Ghostbusters Trailer

Peanuts Movie Trailer

VUDU(Digital Movie Service)

VHS DVD Combo Player

Taken 3

Daredevil Season 2 Trailer

Vincent D’Onofrio

Last Man On Earth Season 2 Promo

Jason Sudeikis

The Family 

Joan Allen

Zach Gilford

Tony Perkis Speech

Heavyweights Movie Poster

Heavyweights IMDB

Lunch Has Been Canceled

Kenan Thompson


Evaluation Day

Heavyweights 300 Trailer Spoof



Episode 9: The Revenant, Fuller House, And One Cool Shirt

jim carey shirt


Today we discuss the movie that guilded Leo to Oscar status (The Revenant), Jordan gives his own thoughts on Mad Max: Fury Road, and we give our impressions on the newest trailers for 10 Cloverfield Lane and Ghostbusters. We also give our thoughts on the newest Netflix hit, Fuller House. Enjoy.

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Our theme song is “Thing Of Gold” by Snarky Puppy.


Mentioned In Todays Episode

Dumb and Dumber: “So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance”

Leo Wins The Oscar

Old School Bear Attack


Shaquille O’Neal’s “Steel”

Space Jam. The Dunk!!

Kazaam: IMDB User Reviews

Nicholas Hoult sings on “Skins”

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Daredevil Season 2 Trailer

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Theme Song

Newest “10 Cloverfield Lane” Trailer

Ghostbusters Trailer

Ghostbusters Reddit Thread



Episode 8: A Look Forward To Zootopia, Batman V Superman, Civil War, And We Learn How To Be Manly


Today we look ahead to the big movie titles headed to theaters and what we think their ultimate destiny will be. We discuss the art of enjoying film for you and others and Jordan comes to the podcast baring gifts! Josh tells the world how much he loves Disney and theme parks, and Jordan learns that he shouldn’t use words that he is not 100% sure of their definition. Enjoy

Our Theme song is “Thing of Gold” by Snarky Puppy


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Mentioned In Todays Episode

Disney World

Holiday World

Game of Thrones

Cars 3

Eminem-Loose Youself

Anthony Mackie On Civil Wars

Batman V Superman R Rating

Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman

Zootopia: Sloth Trailer


Wreck It Ralph

Spirited Away

Phallic” Definition

Once: Say It To Me Now

2016 Oscar Nominees





Episode 7: Deadpool, Zoolander 2, Chipmunks, And We Go Full Nostalgia On Some 90s TV


Today we talked about two films currently on the big screen, Marvels Deadpool and Zoolander 2. We visit two of 2015 animated movies, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip and The Good Dinosaur. We gave lots of love to Boy Meets World this week, as well as other 90s classics that brought us back to simpler times. Josh gives vol.2 of theater law, and Jordan tells the world why they should go to the movies solo. All that and much more. Enjoy

Our theme song is “Thing of Gold” by Snarky Puppy

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Mentioned In Todays Episode


The Muse

Christmas In A Cup

Jump5-Spinning Around

Even Stevens

The Famous Jett Jackson

Are You Afraid Of the Dark?

Ed, Edd, N Eddy


Card For Pokemon Movie

Salute Your Shorts

Boy Meets World

Plays With Squirrels 

Boy Meets World Final Scene *SPOILERS!!

Girl Meets World



The Guild(Web Series)

God Bless America

Stan Lee

Buster: Arrested Development

Jordan’s Roommate(Samurai and Astronaut) With John Travolta

Finding Dory Trailer





Episode 6: The 5th Wave, Goosebumps, Super Bowl Commercials, and We Declare Theater Law



We dive into a movie that just hit theaters (The 5th Wave), and one that just hit retail (Goosbumps). We tell you which is worth your time/money and why. Josh also shows us all the way to not suck at our local theaters and how theaters should just GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. Post-Super Bowl discussions are also plentiful this week, as we discuss the commercials and trailers that dropped during the game. Also, there is a slim chance that Jordan does a Christopher Walken impression. Enjoy

Our theme song is “Thing of Gold” by Snarky Puppy

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Mentioned In Todays Episode


Peyton Manning

Xifaxan Lower Intestine

Ant Man & Hulk Commercial

“Brotherly Love” Coke Commercial

Puppy Monkey Baby

Parks and Rec “Network Connectivity Problems”

Chloe Moretz is Hot

The 5th Wave Trailer

Hugo Trailer

Jason Borne Trailer

Jungle Book Trailer

Christopher Walken’s Voice

Civil War Trailer





Episode 5: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Fine Bros., and We Prepare Our Backs For Patting


We discover that two backs are better than one, discuss the insanity of Tom Cruise, hear Josh’s thoughts on Mad Max: Fury Road, discuss various TV shows, and testify to the holiest of taco joints Taco Johns.


Our theme song is “Thing of Gold” by Snarky Puppy


Mentioned In Todays Episode

Mike and Ikes

Two Guys Sneak Into Theater

Taco Johns

Krispy Kream


Jack Black

The Fine Bros

Bruce Springsteen Halftime Show

Steven Tyler Super Bowl Comercial

I Am Kazaam

V For Vendetta



Zoolander 2 Announcement



Episode 4:We Talk “The Office,” Relive Our Favorite Scranton Moments, And Have a Big Fireworks Finale

office star wars

We discuss the greatest TV show of all time “The Office,” how it has impacted Television as a whole and us personally, and we count down our top favorite episodes from the show. We could go on and on all night long. That’s what she said. Enjoy

Our theme song is “Thing of Gold” by Snarky Puppy

Episode 3: The Martian, Star Wars VII(again), and We Say Our Goodbyes To A Frame



Jordan was sick, Josh’s kids were very rambunctious, and there was a blizzard, but we soldier on for your entertainment. We discuss Ridley Scott’s “The Martian,” and Josh recounts his experience with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Check us out on twitter @stalepopcornpod

Our theme song is “Thing of Gold” by Snarky Puppy