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122.1 Rampage Starring The People's Champ, The Rock

⚬ Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? That’s what we’re asking you today on this episode as we discuss the latest film starring the People’s Champ, Rampage. Jordan saw this one, and even though Josh didn’t see it, he feels like he’s probably seen it before with some variation here and there.

⚬ WrestleMania was last week, and Josh was able to convince Jordan to give it a try. Is Jordan now the biggest wrestling fan this side of the Stale Popcorn Podcast? Or was this just a one-off? And if we were wrestlers, what would our catchphrases be? Let’s see if Jordan can create one on the spot. Because Josh has young children, his would likely be some form of, “It’s time to flush the toilet,” and his finisher would most definitely be, “THE TOILET BOMB!” Let’s get that trademarked as soon as possible.

⚬ Speaking more on The Rock, which version do we prefer? Is it early, learning-the-acting-ropes Rock, where we were treated to such gems as The Tooth Fairy, Walking Tall, The Game Plan, and The Rundown? Or would we rather watch this current iteration of the Great One, the one that rips turret guns off of helicopters or flexes enough to break through an arm cast? We have an answer to this question, and it may surprise you.

⚬ As always, thanks for listening! Now go and be the best version of YOU! Or we’ll lay the smack down on you!